A Brandy Brothers' Besotted Carnival Choir FAQ

Presented as a friendly dialogue between two people of good reputation.

You: What's a Besotted Carnival Choir?

Us: Every now and again we bring our friends and associates together with the express purpose of recording a loud and boisterous album. The album is recorded in one night, with as few takes as possible, focusing on enthusiasm and community spirit.

You: But I don't have any musical expertise.

Us: Of course you do. Forget what you think you know about music and just come belt out a few songs with us!

You: Seriously. I can't sing.

Us: Don't be silly. Of course you can! And furthermore, you should! Loudly! With friends!

You: Well, neat! How can I help?

Us: Prepare a song to show everyone - something familiar or easy to learn. Show up and sing along! Or bring your favorite musical instrument!

You: Sounds great! What else can I do to prepare?

Us: Print off the lyrics (and if you like, the chord progression) to your favorite, thematically appropriate song, and bring enough to share.

You: Thematically appropriate?

Us: Every Besotted Carnival Choir is organized around a theme, typically related to a holiday. For example: Christmas carols for Christmas, Love songs for Valentine's Day, and Drinking songs for Tuesdays.

You: Sounds fun! What should I wear?

Us: Don't be ridiculous.

You: Sorry. Can I bring friends?

Us: Absolutely. The more the merrier. Everyone is encouraged to come have fun singing with us.

You: What will become of the final recording?

Us: We will mix and master the recorded songs, and then release them at our website ( when they are ready to be distributed. All contributing members will be credited and links will be provided to various associated projects. Working on something cool? Tell us! We'll link you!

You: Well that sounds great! But I can only come for an hour or two.

Us: Don't sweat it! Just show up whenever you like for however long you can stay. If you can't stick around we can't guarantee that we'll get to your song, of course, but we'll darn well try.

You: Neat! I'll see you there!