Ongoing Brandy Brothers' Special Project


About Audio for Emilie


Your challenge is this: In the style of Shoebox Songs, create a sound recording with a positive message. The piece can be any type of audio at all. Tell us a story, sing us a song, create a soundscape, or mix them all together. The collected works will be posted on our site, and more importantly, passed on to a young artist named Emilie who was recently blinded. Her story was featured on RadioLab and passed on to us by our friend (and contributing artist) Lisa Larson, and we've reposted it below.

Here's your chance to use your audio skills, musical powers, storytelling prowess, and general ingenuity to do something that's pretty dang nice! Be sure to keep the tone positive – try basing your piece on an image or story that you find particularly inspiring, soothing, happy, fun, silly, or just nice. If you get stuck, shoot us an email and we'll send you a prompt.

You can hand it to us in person, email it to us, upload it to the Shoebox Songs site, or whatever else you think might work.

Emilie the artist once was inspired by everything she saw: colors, forms, textures, light…

Now she's stuck in the dark (blinded by a bike accident), but she still has an imagination to "see" things in her mind. She's become fond of her iPod, so let's give her something to listen to an inspire her artistic sensibilities!

Give Emilie something (a song, a story, a fantasy soundscape, a poem, an environment, a mood, sound textures) that she can listen to in the permanent dark and and "see" in her imagination and be inspired. The original collection was presented as a gift to Emilie in a textured cd case when she visited Chicago on October 22nd. We will continue to post submissions on our website as we receive them.

Here's some things to help inspire you to inspire Emilie:

- Visual Art Concepts to translate into sound: color, form, texture, contrast, spacial relationships, shapes, moods, emotions.
- Put on a blindfold, see what you can create in the dark.
- View Emilie's art from before her accident: (scroll to the bottom)
- Emilie's story made famous on Radiolab: