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Category Archives: Keanu Reeves

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – On My Shoulder

I'm an only son, but I figure if I ever had a brother he would be Keanu Reeves. Keanu, if you're reading this, offer stands. I'm not super happy with the vocal line – I will probably revisit it someday. On My Shoulder

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – My Bogus Journey is an Excellent Adventure

Recorded using Audacity by KJ Johnson (, Sunday afternoon + Keanu Reeves + IMDB = …this? I guess. My Bogus Journey is an Excellent Adventure

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – Mr K for a Day

Adrian decided to score a day in the life of Keanu Reeves. Using Logic's binaural technological capabilities this song is mixed for headphones. So turn off the lights, put some headphones on (if you can find them in the dark), and sit back and experience what it's like to be Keanu Reeves for a day. […]

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – "Keanuuuuuuu: A Ballad of Love"

Ballad created using GarageBand, Protools, Mac's Internal Microphone. Instruments of choice: Voicebox and an old Harmony acoustic guitar, that hasn't been played or tuned in 40 years. Created by Ashley France Keanuuuuuuu- A Ballad of Love