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Category Archives: Vol. 11

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Courtyard

Recorded in Audacity by KJ Johnson. Kind of a spur of the moment song. Courtyard

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Halide

A song about people who aren't there.   Halide

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Hiding Place

Hacked together in Unableton using a stolen midi file and my guitar from middle school. Hiding Place  

Shoebox Vol. 11 – 1420 MHz

This is a continuation of the idea of treating the image as a poster for a movie and then writing a song that I think would be used in that film. For this second round I decided to write a song (more like a soundscape) that would be used in a Sci-Fi Horror movie called […]

Shoebox Vol. 11

Write a song based on the image below. Submit your songs before May 31!