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Shoebox Vol. 14 – Memories of Chasing Snowflakes

The first thing I would like to say is that I never write music like this. Doing a piano composition is something that is outside my comfort zone. But I'm trying to work on this. It was made entirely in ProTools. For this installment I decided to write a song that would be used in […]

Shoebox Vol. 14 – Cheshire

A song about a cat.   Cheshire

Shoebox Vol. 14 – I am a Cat

It doesn't matter that the cat is so small; he is enormous all the same. Recorded with the help of Scott Hannan (BU Vox, Egg Shaker, Hand Claps) I am a Cat  


Melting This song was recorded in Pro-Tools, with an electric guitar using a Line6 DL4 Delay modeler pedal and a Digi-tech Whammy pedal. This song was written on the first day of snowfall and the eventual blizzard last winter. I remember stepping outside to go get some groceries from my local hippie-food co-op in Logan […]

Shoebox Vol. 14

Write a song based on the image below. Submit your songs before August 15!