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Category Archives: Piracy

Shoebox of Piracy – Get in My Boat

Recorded by Carrie Shemanski on Garageband with the most awesome guitar ever built. Get In My Boat

Shoebox of Piracy – 47672 (The Pirate Song)

Created using Garageband and Mac's internal microphone. The Didgeridon'ts are: Krista Hoitomt – Aquatist/SFX KJ Johnson – Lead Vocals/Ukulele/SFX Joseph Griffin – Vocals/Guitar/SFX 47672 (The Pirate Song)

Shoebox of Piracy – Black Flag

This is my Piracy Song. I only went a little bit nuts – except the guitar and voice everything is simple MIDI orchestration. The guitar I recorded on a mic, and I did multiple passes on the voice. I tried to find the balance between in and out of key that a pirate might sing […]

Shoebox of Piracy – Pirates of Silicon Seas

Adrian locked himself in a studio for a few hours and recorded this. He used ProTools and recorded himself over and over again. That's him on the accordion, that's him on the drums. You can even hear him trying to sound like a group of pirates. Pirates of Silicon Seas