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Category Archives: Science

Shoebox of Science – There Is Nothing Scientific About Our Method

Recorded with Garageband… We hope you find this every educational KJ Johnson: "Vocals" Joe Chuck Griffin: Unamplified electric guitar, Dialogue/vocals Krista Hoitomt: Dialogue, Sound effects, Xylophone There's Nothing Scientific About Our Method

Shoebox of Science – Don't Worry About It, It's Science

I did it you guys! Don't Worry About It, It's Science

Shoebox of Science – Laboratory Waiting Room

Song created with old Boss drum pad and Yamaha S08 synth on Pro Tools. Song and sound by Rhodrick & Robin.  ( Laboratory Waiting Room

Shoebox of Science – Now Linnaeus Down

Carl Linnaeus is possibly the worst wingman ever, but he sure did hit the nail on the head with that whole nested hierarchies thing. Recorded mostly in Logic, with some Pro Tools. Now Linnaeus Down

Shoebox of Science – All The People Scream No

This song was tracked in my carnival studio using some of the instruments I have available. The weird robotic squawking was was performed live and the tone was performed as well through an old analog piece of equipment that I have. This song was recorded and mixed on the program Pro Tracks Plus over the [...]

Shoebox of Science – Modern Science Is A Lie

recorded with a usb mic into audacity. written and recorded by steph cook. Modern Science is a Lie

Shoebox of Science – Scientific Method to My Madness

Sporting his best mad scientist voice Adrian recorded the MIDI and vocals using ProTools, everything else was composed in Logic. I'd like to thank the robots for joining me in joyful chorus and Gunnar Jebsen for contributing the sick lick that was chocolaty thick…the bass. Also, Mr. Bandboxbuster was kind enough to contribute backup vocals, [...]

Shoebox of Science – Chemistry

Recorded with Audacity by KJ Johnson ( This is what happens when you employ one of the most common progressions ever to write an ode to "chemical reactions"… Chemistry