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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Shoebox of Coffee – Pick Me Up

A cautionary tale about the dangers of coffee use.  Recorded in Logic with a baritone ukulele. Pick Me Up

Shoebox of Coffee – Smooth Brew

So I didn't have a lot of time to work on this song. I did, however, decide to try out something new with Logic. So I played around with the sampler they have. I recorded myself hitting a coffee mug, making a pop sound with my mouth, and drinking coffee (I was up late working […]

Shoebox of Coffee – Guilt and Gourmet Coffee

KJ Johnson ( Audacity. I'll probably rewrite this one. Not so happy with it, but it's a learning experience, I suppose? Right? … Guilt and Gourmet Coffee

Shoebox of Coffee – The Battle for Coffee Mountain

There's a battle going on, and the winner shall determine the fate of Coffee Mountain. Guest vocals by Bear. The Battle for Coffee Mountain

Shoebox of Coffee – In the Key of Coffee

Adrian decided to throw one more song into the mix. In this song Adrian tried to embody the overall tone and quality of coffee. It gave him a chance to play with the tempo controls of Logic. Enjoy. In the Key of Coffee