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Shoebox of Time – Chronos' Music Box

Adrian decided to try his hand at a purely instrumental piece this time. So this is how he interpreted time into a song.

In other news Adrian would like to make a video for this song. The basic concept behind this song is that somewhere in Chronos' dwelling is a long forgotten room filled with long forgotten things. One such item is a music box. Every now and then, for the briefest of moments, this item turns on and plays its song before returning once again to its long slumber. The idea is that during this small amount of time a universe will exist. It has created countless universes and one such instance is our universe. Ultimately the song will end and with it the small universe it created, only to once again give birth to a whole new universe when the cycle repeats.

If anyone is interested in helping leave a comment. It's mostly going to consist of shooting a brief video of a basement/room, stop motion of this music box, and then editing stock footage for a quick time lapse of our universe. So, to begin with if anybody is interested in drawing concept art of what they think this little contraption would look like let Adrian know. He looks forward to the collaboration.

Chronos' Music Box

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