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Shoebox Vol. 14 – Memories of Chasing Snowflakes

The first thing I would like to say is that I never write music like this. Doing a piano composition is something that is outside my comfort zone. But I'm trying to work on this. It was made entirely in ProTools.

For this installment I decided to write a song that would be used in a short animation done in the style of the image. What I wanted to do was make a nice pretty song for a change. What I got was something that sounds very poignant:

I imagined the short starting with a summer scene of a forest with a cat searching through it, sad and lost. Its surroundings slowly turn into a snow covered forest, the cat looking a little more at home. Towards the end it starts to snow and the cat's eyes light up. It chases the snowflakes, plays in the snow, pounces in the drift. Slowly the snow starts to stop. The snow on the trees starts to fade away. The cat looking disappointed. As the winter scene disappears the cat, too, fades away. A memory as well.

As always, if there is anybody interested in making this animation with me I would love to do it. Just let me know. Enjoy!

Memories of Chasing Snowflakes

- by Adrian Anguiano

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