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Shoebox Vol. 10 – Little Bird Told Me

Recorded with Garageband on a hot and stormy night after watching the last few minutes of an old school episode of Star Trek and staring at Gil's painting on Joe's laptop.

Joe Chuck – Guitar, flute, editing, lyrics.
KJ Johnson – Vocals, ukulele, percussion, lyrics.

Here are the lyrics:

A little bird told me, "Risk big, win big.
Walk the Earth in sorrow or do something interesting."
A little bird to me, "Risk big, win big."

A little bird told me, "Defend against the night."
A lethal injection of overwhelming spite
A little bird told me, "Defend against the night."

A little bird told me about the circle of life
Six feet underground when the moon was ripe
A little bird told me about the circle of life.

Little Bird Told Me

Shoebox Vol. 10 – Superluminal

Tracked in Logic and infused with Scientific Method.


By William Lewis Cox, featuring a sample from the Librivox recording of Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, read by Kristin Luoma.

Shoebox – Vol. 10 – I'm just a call

recorded through garage-band, Mbox2 & rode NT1a. Written & recorded by jt royster

I'm Just a Call

Shoebox Vol. 10 – Kid The Crow

Kid The Crow

By bandboxbuster

Shoebox Vol. 10 – Dead for Now

I've decided that while we are doing images for Shoebox Songs that I would treat the image as a poster for a movie and then write a song that I think would be used in that film. For this first round I decided to write a song that would be used in a late 70s or early 80s Horror movie called "Zombie Hunter" (tagline: Risk Big…Win Big). Everything is composed/arranged/voiced using Logic except for one thing. I was recording a group of people for Zombie voices and as I was later editing it I found a loop that I just had to use. Enjoy!

Dead for Now
Adrian Anguiano

Shoebox Vol. 10

Write a song based on the image below.  Submit your songs before May 14!


Shoebox of Coffee – Pick Me Up

A cautionary tale about the dangers of coffee use.  Recorded in Logic with a baritone ukulele.

Pick Me Up

Shoebox of Coffee – Smooth Brew

So I didn't have a lot of time to work on this song. I did, however, decide to try out something new with Logic. So I played around with the sampler they have. I recorded myself hitting a coffee mug, making a pop sound with my mouth, and drinking coffee (I was up late working on this song). Everything was recorded using my laptop's built in mic. Manipulated and composed in Logic. Just wanted to make something swank and fun. Enjoy.

Smooth Brew

Shoebox of Coffee – Guilt and Gourmet Coffee

KJ Johnson ( Audacity. I'll probably rewrite this one. Not so happy with it, but it's a learning experience, I suppose? Right? …

Guilt and Gourmet Coffee

Shoebox of Coffee – The Battle for Coffee Mountain

There's a battle going on, and the winner shall determine the fate of Coffee Mountain.

Guest vocals by Bear.

The Battle for Coffee Mountain

Shoebox of Coffee – In the Key of Coffee

Adrian decided to throw one more song into the mix. In this song Adrian tried to embody the overall tone and quality of coffee. It gave him a chance to play with the tempo controls of Logic. Enjoy.

In the Key of Coffee

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – On My Shoulder

I'm an only son, but I figure if I ever had a brother he would be Keanu Reeves.

Keanu, if you're reading this, offer stands.

I'm not super happy with the vocal line – I will probably revisit it someday.

On My Shoulder

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – My Bogus Journey is an Excellent Adventure

Recorded using Audacity by KJ Johnson (,

Sunday afternoon + Keanu Reeves + IMDB = …this? I guess.

My Bogus Journey is an Excellent Adventure

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – Mr K for a Day

Adrian decided to score a day in the life of Keanu Reeves. Using Logic's binaural technological capabilities this song is mixed for headphones. So turn off the lights, put some headphones on (if you can find them in the dark), and sit back and experience what it's like to be Keanu Reeves for a day.

Music composed in Logic. Footsteps, cloth and voices recorded in ProTools. Presence tracks, doors and punches are from the Logic library of SFX. Mixed in Logic.

Voice talent provided by:
Adrian Anguiano
Wil Cox
Ashley France
Katie Kirby (DJKT)
Britt Frandsen

Mr. K for a Day

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – "Keanuuuuuuu: A Ballad of Love"

Ballad created using GarageBand, Protools, Mac's Internal Microphone.
Instruments of choice: Voicebox and an old Harmony acoustic guitar, that hasn't been played or tuned in 40 years.
Created by Ashley France

Keanuuuuuuu- A Ballad of Love

Shoebox of Time – All Right Now

This is the other time song I did.  Most of the instruments were tracked on, and then some layers were hastily recorded into my laptop microphone in my parents kitchen while my sister was watching a movie.  I layered the whole thing together in Audacity.

All Right Now

Shoebox of Time – Wound UP

Oddly enough I didn't have a lot of time to work on this theme.  What ended up happening came out of mucking around in the studio for a day or two.  The fact that the music sounds a bit like a clock working was kind of a mistake.  With the exception of the Bass guitar all other instuments, including the voice, were recorded with a contact mic placed directly on to the instrument itself, in some cases directly on the stings.   It was a lot of fun.

Wound Up

Shoebox of Time – Intervals

This is just an instrumental.  Done in Logic.


Shoebox of Time – Chronos' Music Box

Adrian decided to try his hand at a purely instrumental piece this time. So this is how he interpreted time into a song.

In other news Adrian would like to make a video for this song. The basic concept behind this song is that somewhere in Chronos' dwelling is a long forgotten room filled with long forgotten things. One such item is a music box. Every now and then, for the briefest of moments, this item turns on and plays its song before returning once again to its long slumber. The idea is that during this small amount of time a universe will exist. It has created countless universes and one such instance is our universe. Ultimately the song will end and with it the small universe it created, only to once again give birth to a whole new universe when the cycle repeats.

If anyone is interested in helping leave a comment. It's mostly going to consist of shooting a brief video of a basement/room, stop motion of this music box, and then editing stock footage for a quick time lapse of our universe. So, to begin with if anybody is interested in drawing concept art of what they think this little contraption would look like let Adrian know. He looks forward to the collaboration.

Chronos' Music Box

Shoebox of Songs – A Fool and His Shoes

Adrian joined forces with Gisella Faggi for this old timey tune. She can be heard on dah fiddle. Adrian got carried away and decided to record himself playing the mouth harp, harmonica, spoons, and a box (all in a mediocre fashion). Enjoy!

A Fool and His Shoes

Shoebox of Shoes – Shoes Made This Song

Shoes like to dance right? Well if shoes had a friend called DJKT that could play a glass bottle as if it was a set of drums, had mad beatboxing skillz like Adrian, had the ability to record sounds with a MyTouch Slide, and could use ProTools to combine them all together, I'd like to think this is what they would make. I know that this is what they would make.

Shoes Made This Song

You can also check out the music video on YouTube.

Shoebox of Shoes – Pair

Adrian definitely went outside of his comfort zone for this one. It's based on a story he wrote for a class YEEEAARRS ago. He sat in an isolated room with his accordion and recorded it all in ProTools. This song reeks of melancholy.


Shoebox of Shoes – Get Gone

A song about shoes.  Or the lack thereof.  Done in a variety of programs, mostly with canned instruments.

Get Gone

Shoebox of Shoes – Bluma Thurman

Recorded with a microphone painted red for a song about the blues. Lucas Schira (girascopic) wrote and performed the track for those who have gone through a similar situation…using Ableton Live.

Bluma Thurman

Shoebox of Frontiers – The Return

Recorded in Audacity, edited in Logic and Pro Tools and Audacity.

The melody is shaky, but I like the lyrics.

The Return