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Shoebox Vol. 15 – Smoking PSA

This volume I decided the image reminded me of a anti-smoking advertisement so I wrote a song that I thought would be fitting in an anti-smoking PSA. Everything was made in Logic. Enjoy! PSA – by Adrian Anguiano

Shoebox Vol. 15 – Pac-Man's Heart Gets Broken

This image reminded me of a Pac-Man maze. So here is my take on what it would sound like if Pac-Man got his heart broken. All done in ProTools. Enjoy! Pac-Man's Heart Gets Broken – by Adrian Anguiano

Shoebox Vol. 14 – Memories of Chasing Snowflakes

The first thing I would like to say is that I never write music like this. Doing a piano composition is something that is outside my comfort zone. But I'm trying to work on this. It was made entirely in ProTools. For this installment I decided to write a song that would be used in [...]

Shoebox Vol. 13 – Conqueror Worm

This was recorded on Garageband. It started out as just a chord progression, built into a sweet instrumental track, and when it still needed something I read The Conqueror Worm by Poe over it. Adrian: Bass and Drums Steve: Chord progression, backwards guitars, vocals, e-kalimba   The Conqueror Worm

Shoebox Vol. 12 – Entourage

For this third installment I decided to write a song that would be used in a "Triplets of Belleville" style animation called "The Loneliest Girl in the World". I imagined the story being about conjoined twins, one of which is discontent with your humdrum life in a rural community. Despite always having her sister around [...]

Shoebox Vol. 12 – All Upon a Pridefest Day

Made with GarageBand, this piece was collaborative. Adrian came up with the chord progression and synth lines. I came up with the strings, vocals and structure. After that he added drum and bass. This tells a true story about two real life sisters. I met one at a party and two weeks later both of [...]

Shoebox Vol. 11 – 1420 MHz

This is a continuation of the idea of treating the image as a poster for a movie and then writing a song that I think would be used in that film. For this second round I decided to write a song (more like a soundscape) that would be used in a Sci-Fi Horror movie called [...]

Shoebox Vol. 11

Write a song based on the image below. Submit your songs before May 31!  

Shoebox Vol. 10 – Dead for Now

I've decided that while we are doing images for Shoebox Songs that I would treat the image as a poster for a movie and then write a song that I think would be used in that film. For this first round I decided to write a song that would be used in a late 70s [...]

Shoebox of Coffee – In the Key of Coffee

Adrian decided to throw one more song into the mix. In this song Adrian tried to embody the overall tone and quality of coffee. It gave him a chance to play with the tempo controls of Logic. Enjoy. In the Key of Coffee

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – Mr K for a Day

Adrian decided to score a day in the life of Keanu Reeves. Using Logic's binaural technological capabilities this song is mixed for headphones. So turn off the lights, put some headphones on (if you can find them in the dark), and sit back and experience what it's like to be Keanu Reeves for a day. [...]

Shoebox of Time – Chronos' Music Box

Adrian decided to try his hand at a purely instrumental piece this time. So this is how he interpreted time into a song. In other news Adrian would like to make a video for this song. The basic concept behind this song is that somewhere in Chronos' dwelling is a long forgotten room filled with [...]

Shoebox of Songs – A Fool and His Shoes

Adrian joined forces with Gisella Faggi for this old timey tune. She can be heard on dah fiddle. Adrian got carried away and decided to record himself playing the mouth harp, harmonica, spoons, and a box (all in a mediocre fashion). Enjoy! A Fool and His Shoes

Shoebox of Shoes – Shoes Made This Song

Shoes like to dance right? Well if shoes had a friend called DJKT that could play a glass bottle as if it was a set of drums, had mad beatboxing skillz like Adrian, had the ability to record sounds with a MyTouch Slide, and could use ProTools to combine them all together, I'd like to [...]

Shoebox of Shoes – Pair

Adrian definitely went outside of his comfort zone for this one. It's based on a story he wrote for a class YEEEAARRS ago. He sat in an isolated room with his accordion and recorded it all in ProTools. This song reeks of melancholy. Pair

Shoebox of Frontiers – Last Shot

Adrian was excited to write a song for the frontiers topic but was not sure what to write about. He asked Gisella to write a short story about a drunk in a bar that gets himself into trouble. He adapted that story into this song. He then asked Gunnar if he would be so kind [...]

Shoebox of Frontiers – Technology Made This Song

The frontiers of technology have brought us many good things. As it turns out this song isn't one of them. Enjoy listening to the fruits of technology! Technology Made This Song Also! Check out this song's official music video on the brand spanking new Brandy Brothers' YouTube Channel – – It still needs some [...]

Shoebox of Anthems – This is NOT a Test

Recorded and mixed by SteveZaric and AdrianA in GarageBand. This is NOT a Test

Shoebox of Anthems – Survivors

Adrian recorded this song in ProTools. Final voicing of instruments done in Logic. It's about the survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Enjoy! Survivors

Shoebox of Science – All The People Scream No

This song was tracked in my carnival studio using some of the instruments I have available. The weird robotic squawking was was performed live and the tone was performed as well through an old analog piece of equipment that I have. This song was recorded and mixed on the program Pro Tracks Plus over the [...]

Shoebox of Science – Scientific Method to My Madness

Sporting his best mad scientist voice Adrian recorded the MIDI and vocals using ProTools, everything else was composed in Logic. I'd like to thank the robots for joining me in joyful chorus and Gunnar Jebsen for contributing the sick lick that was chocolaty thick…the bass. Also, Mr. Bandboxbuster was kind enough to contribute backup vocals, [...]

Shoebox of Horror – You and I

This song features a chorus of Adrian Anguianos. Some Gisella Faggis can be heard in there too! The keyboard part was recorded via MIDI in ProTools but everything else was finished in Logic. The guitar and bass I plugged directly into my computer via my Ozone. The voices I recorded using the internal microphone on [...]

Shoebox of Horror – Brothers

Okay, so this is an odd one. Within the vein of Prairie Home Companion, Gisella and Adrian present to you a story of brothers. "Lyrics" written by Gisella and Adrian, with a story written by Gisella and sound design/recording by Adrian, and Gisella as accordion player extraordinaire. Enjoy! Brothers

Shoebox of Horror – Nobody's Children

This song is about the movie Devil's Backbone. Which is a movie about ghosts. It was created using ProTools, but used some voicing from Logic for the MIDI parts. Using modern science Adrian and Wil were able to transfer files over the internet back in forth in order to create the full ensemble that is [...]

Shoebox of Piracy – Pirates of Silicon Seas

Adrian locked himself in a studio for a few hours and recorded this. He used ProTools and recorded himself over and over again. That's him on the accordion, that's him on the drums. You can even hear him trying to sound like a group of pirates. Pirates of Silicon Seas