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Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – On My Shoulder

I'm an only son, but I figure if I ever had a brother he would be Keanu Reeves. Keanu, if you're reading this, offer stands. I'm not super happy with the vocal line – I will probably revisit it someday. On My Shoulder

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – My Bogus Journey is an Excellent Adventure

Recorded using Audacity by KJ Johnson (, Sunday afternoon + Keanu Reeves + IMDB = …this? I guess. My Bogus Journey is an Excellent Adventure

Shoebox of Keanu Reeves – "Keanuuuuuuu: A Ballad of Love"

Ballad created using GarageBand, Protools, Mac's Internal Microphone. Instruments of choice: Voicebox and an old Harmony acoustic guitar, that hasn't been played or tuned in 40 years. Created by Ashley France Keanuuuuuuu- A Ballad of Love