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Tag Archives: Logic

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Halide

A song about people who aren't there.   Halide

Shoebox Vol. 10 – Superluminal

Tracked in Logic and infused with Scientific Method. Superluminal By William Lewis Cox, featuring a sample from the Librivox recording of Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad, read by Kristin Luoma.

Shoebox of Coffee – Pick Me Up

A cautionary tale about the dangers of coffee use.  Recorded in Logic with a baritone ukulele. Pick Me Up

Shoebox of Coffee – The Battle for Coffee Mountain

There's a battle going on, and the winner shall determine the fate of Coffee Mountain. Guest vocals by Bear. The Battle for Coffee Mountain

Shoebox of Time – Intervals

This is just an instrumental.  Done in Logic. Intervals

Shoebox of Shoes – Get Gone

A song about shoes.  Or the lack thereof.  Done in a variety of programs, mostly with canned instruments. Get Gone

Shoebox of Frontiers – The Return

Recorded in Audacity, edited in Logic and Pro Tools and Audacity. The melody is shaky, but I like the lyrics. The Return

Shoebox of Science – Now Linnaeus Down

Carl Linnaeus is possibly the worst wingman ever, but he sure did hit the nail on the head with that whole nested hierarchies thing. Recorded mostly in Logic, with some Pro Tools. Now Linnaeus Down

Shoebox of Horror – Do it for the Children

By Wil!  I did this whole thing in Logic in the back room in my apartment.  Logic is neat. I called my old friend Tim up and asked him what the most horrible thing he could think of was.  He said something to the effect of "Imagine you're the last person alive, all organic matter […]