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Shoebox Vol. 10 – Little Bird Told Me

Recorded with Garageband on a hot and stormy night after watching the last few minutes of an old school episode of Star Trek and staring at Gil's painting on Joe's laptop. Joe Chuck – Guitar, flute, editing, lyrics. KJ Johnson – Vocals, ukulele, percussion, lyrics. Here are the lyrics: A little bird told me, "Risk [...]

Shoebox of Frontiers – Medium Rare (That's The Way It Is)

Hauntingly tasty. With a side of trauma. And a dash of ROFLMAO. KJ Johnson: Vocals and General Bad-Assery. Joe Chuck: Guitar and Culinary Expertise. K-Sauce: Vocals and "I mostly just slept…" "It's family fun for everyone" – Review by Drew Griffin Medium Rare (That's The Way It Is)