Valentine's Day 2010

contributing artists

Contributing Artists

Thanks for coming out and being a part of the Brandy Brothers' Besotted Carnival Choir Valentines Day album recording session! Your enthusiasm, energy and support are all greatly appreciated.

If you know anyone who attended that didn't make this list, please let us know. We'd like to make sure that everyone who participated gets a credit. Also, if you have any projects that you're involved in, let us know so that we can link to them here and the Brandy Brothers' Linx page. Email us back with the project name, and a short description of what the project is about and we will post it.

Thanks! See you all next time!

Carrie Shemanski
Gisella Faggi -
Kim Johnson
Joseph Griffin -
Jeremiah Krickhahn
Dominic Furry
Steve Baltrukonis -
Gunnar Jebsen - - Gunnar Jebsen's Production and other Audio Engineering site Extravaganza.
Eleanor Hyde
Justine Kope -
Katie Kirby -
William Cox -
Joseph Varisco
Jessica Montana
Jonathan Walker
Anna Goldberger
Molly Walsh
Adrian Anguiano - - Music of yesterday! Today! But prolly put off 'til tomorrow...