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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Shoebox Vol. 13

Write a song based on the image below. Submit your songs before June 30!  

Shoebox Vol. 12 – Polycephalic

A song about being more than one person. "Every created thing, even the simplest, is already guilty, already multiple. It has been thrown into the muddy stream of being and may never more swim back again to its source." (Herman Hesse) William L. Cox Polycephalic

Shoebox Vol. 12 – Entourage

For this third installment I decided to write a song that would be used in a "Triplets of Belleville" style animation called "The Loneliest Girl in the World". I imagined the story being about conjoined twins, one of which is discontent with your humdrum life in a rural community. Despite always having her sister around [...]

Shoebox Vol. 12 – Two Girls, One…

Recorded with Audacity by KJ Johnson. Here's to watching countless YouTube videos late at night with Erin Weartz about conjoined twins. And all the questions they brought up. Two Girls, One…

Shoebox Songs Vol. 12 – Rag Trade Waltz

A song about some siamese twin fashion models. You know, nothing to bizarre! (JT Royster) Rag Trade Waltz

Shoebox Vol. 12 – All Upon a Pridefest Day

Made with GarageBand, this piece was collaborative. Adrian came up with the chord progression and synth lines. I came up with the strings, vocals and structure. After that he added drum and bass. This tells a true story about two real life sisters. I met one at a party and two weeks later both of [...]

Shoebox Vol. 12

Write a song based on the image below. Submit your songs before June 14!  

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Courtyard

Recorded in Audacity by KJ Johnson. Kind of a spur of the moment song. Courtyard

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Halide

A song about people who aren't there.   Halide

Shoebox Vol. 11 – Hiding Place

Hacked together in Unableton using a stolen midi file and my guitar from middle school. Hiding Place  

Shoebox Vol. 11 – 1420 MHz

This is a continuation of the idea of treating the image as a poster for a movie and then writing a song that I think would be used in that film. For this second round I decided to write a song (more like a soundscape) that would be used in a Sci-Fi Horror movie called [...]