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How To

- Before proceeding, be sure to read our terms and conditions.

- First of all, make sure to register.


- Then, make sure to log in.


- Check the calendar for upcoming topics/pictures and windows for submission.


- When the Shoebox is “open” log in and in the QuickPress section fill out the fields.


- Fill out the “Title” as such… Shoebox – Vol. (current shoebox #) – (song title if it has one) …In the “Content” field describe what you used to make the song and include information about contributors and any projects they might be working on. Please put your name in this field.

Filling Out Quick Press

- Click on the musical notes to upload audio into your post.

Filling Out Quick Press

- Within the window that opens, click on “Select Files.”

Select Files

- Navigate to the file on you computer, select it, and click on “Select.”

Add Media

- When it is done uploading please fill out all fields leaving the Link URL as is. When you are done click on "insert into post."

Added Files

- Then add any appropriate tags for your song and click "Publish."


- Your post will show up as pending approval. When all submissions are finally posted make sure you stop by and comment on your own as well as others.


- Subscribe to our RSS feed for updates and releases.


Subscribe to Podcast

- New to podcasts? Learn more here. Any questions or suggestions submit a post with a title of “Question” or “Suggestion.”

- Visit the Brandy Brothers' Shoebox Songs FAQ.

- Have fun!